Bring Your Organics to Us

Benefits of Organics Recycling

By reclaiming the organic content in waste such as food waste and yard waste, we can create a resource that will regenerate our soils and draw down carbon from our atmosphere.

Using natural compost and soil products free from artificial chemicals is a solution that addresses some of our biggest environmental challenges. And yet, it is an aspect of environmental protection that is so often overlooked. You can do your part by participating in Organics By Gosh’s Organics Recycling program.

Organics Recycling Program Guidelines

Do you have tree trimmings, lawn clippings, leaves, food waste or other compostable materials? We want them! The process is easy. Stop by the retail office at our our compost facility at 2040 FM 969, Elgin, TX 78621. We’ll point you to where you can drop off your materials. We’ll turn your compostable residuals into high-quality compost and landscaping products.

Pricing for drop off is dependent on type and amount of material. Have questions about how organics recycling drop off works? Contact our team. We’re happy to help.