Custom Blends and Specs

Custom Blends and Specs

Do you have a project with exacting specifications? We can create custom engineered soil blends to precise standards for:

  • Soil particle size
  • Organic matter
  • Water holding capacity
  • Nutrient content

Get in touch with us to tell us about your project and learn more about how we can create a custom engineered soil blend to meet your specifications. We’ll create the best blend for your specific soil needs.

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Soil Health

Healthy soil is a diverse ecosystem of living microorganisms and decomposing organic matter. We provide healthy soil solutions, protocols, and products that help to reduce the need for chemical fertilizers. Our products and solutions return all natural, organic nutrients and microbes to the soil.

What can healthy soil achieve?

  • 30% less water and higher survival in droughts
  • 30% to 70% less pesticide and herbicide usage
  • 30% to 50% less chemical leaching and run-off
  • Healthier, more sustainable planet

How does healthy soil benefit your home?

  • No chemical fertilizers on your lawn, kids or pets
  • 5,000 gallons less water per year (avg. per 1000 square feet)
  • Significant reduction of pesticides and herbicides
  • Healthier, more sustainable home and garden
Powered by Austin

Powered by Austin

In 2012, the City of Austin sought out local partnerships to initiate its Curbside Composting Program. As a local compost company committed to delivering better products and better service to the City of Austin, Organics By Gosh answered the city’s call and was awarded the opportunity to assist the city with its goal of diverting compostable materials from landfills. We are motivated by environmental stewardship and a love for the city we call home. We have worked closely with the Austin Resource Recovery staff to master the processes, procedures and technologies necessary to provide organics processing and composting to the City of Austin. Organics from the city are beneficially recovered and incorporated into our natural soil products. In a sense, we are Powered By Austin.


Just wanted to show you what your garden soil can do!

Last year I planted onions and got amazing onions …over 100 in these planters.

For summer I planted these… small Coleus at first… then flourished!!! Now time for Coleus to be cut back and go to pots… onion sets planted when soil is turned and supplemented.

Need to come get more garden soil soon.

Thank you.

– Sherilyn

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