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From selling horse manure out of a wagon to making the best compost and soil mixes in Central Texas, Organics “By Gosh” has always taken things that others threw away and turned them into great products that make our environment better than it was in the first place. Grandpa Gosh used to say, “It can be done, by gosh!”. The Gosh family motto stuck with our owner, Phil Gosh, his entire life.


We have plans to change the way people think about the ground they walk on and what they throw away. Organics “By Gosh” takes material that others see as “waste”, adding love, hard work, and creativity to turn them into soil and compost resources that make the earth a better place to live. It’s about treating people and our environment the right way. And that’s something that’s worth being done, “by gosh”!



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City of Austin Rebates



The City of Austin has pledged to become Zero Waste by the year 2040. Zero Waste means that as a community we would divert 90-95% of everything that goes to the landfill by reducing, reusing, recycling, and repurposing these “waste” resources. The City of Austin knows that our community plays the key role in reaching these goals so they offer some awesome rebates for both residents and businesses who want to do their part to help Austin become more sustainable.


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Benefits of Curbside Organics Recycling

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We’re conscious neighbors.  We throw our soda cans and bottles in the recycling bin.  We take our bins to the curb on the right days. We smile and wave at the hardworking collectors out on their routes. Now suddenly, there’s a new green bin in the yard.  This totally throws off our garbage groove.


But it doesn’t have to.


Within the past few years Austin has been implementing their curbside organics collection pilot in select neighborhoods. Like with most major citywide projects, some education and adjustment is necessary, and it’s important to focus on the positives that come out of these plans. Change brings about new opportunities and incentives, even with the scary and sometimes frustrating transitional phase.  The city’s goal is “to reduce the amount of trash sent to landfills by 90 percent by the year 2040.” Since Austin is a trendy, progressive, eco-conscious place, this goal should definitely be in everyone’s best interest.  So let’s take a look at what makes curbside organics recycling a major plus for our city.

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What Happens in the Compost Pile?

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After reading the Sorting Made Simple blog post we’re now experts in waste sorting.  But why does that matter? It’s not like “well-versed in waste and waste sorting” is a skill commonly listed on resumes, unless you’re in our line of work.  What we all need to realize is that this waste has to go somewhere.  So every time a water bottle or soda can is thrown into the organics bin, it has to eventually be retrieved from the compost pile.  This extra step wastes time and money that could be focused on creating quality product instead.  Even a little piece of glass can render an entire compost pile useless.   1% of any contamination ruins 100% of the compost’s value.
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