Recovering Organic Content

Tiger Depackaging System

Food Depackaging involves separating the organic content of food waste from inorganic packaging materials. Once separated, Organics By Gosh can reclaim the organic content to product clean, high-quality compost and sustainable soil products. Packaging materials are then recycled whenever possible. Keeping food products out of landfills can be a challenge given that many foods are sealed in packaging. Food depackaging services are essential to diverting waste from landfills and maximizing beneficial recovery of waste streams.

Organics By Gosh uses an advanced separating technology to depackage food waste. Engineered specifically for material depackaging and organic separation, the innovative Tiger Depackaging System combines the action of a shredder, screen and extrusion auger all in one piece of equipment. The innovative system separates the organic fraction from the inorganic packaging. This produces contaminant-free organics and clean, dry inorganics.

Help Texas and the City of Austin meet its waste reduction goals by sending your food waste to Organics By Gosh. Contact us for more details about participating in our Food Waste Collection program.

Tiger Food Depackaging

How Our Depackaging Program Works