We Want Your Food Scraps

Benefits of Recycling Food Waste

360 Degrees of Sustainability: We take the compostable material collected from your business and create high value products (composts, soils, and mulches). Businesses that utilize our food waste and organics recycling programs are eligible to receive special incentives for purchasing these products to use at their site. This is one more benefit to helping us close the loop.

How Our Food Waste Collection Works

At Organics By Gosh, our mission is to create a more sustainable community for both current and future generations. Our Food Waste Commercial Collection Program allows us to do just that. We divert organics like food waste from the landfill and transform them into high quality products that rejuvenate, remediate, and beautify our local environment.

It’s about treating people and our environment the right way, and that’s worth being done,  by gosh.

Site Audit

Step 1 – Site Audit

We’ll meet at your business to walk through your current process and understand your specific program needs.

Quote and Contract

Step 2 – Quote and Contract

We’ll provide you a service quote, contract, and individualized plan for setting up a compost program at your site.

Free Training & Education Materials

Step 3 – Free Training & Education Materials

Pick a date and we’ll train your team. Training is FREE so you’ll have the knowledge and tools to make composting easy!

Cart Delivery

Step 4 – Cart Delivery

Once you’re trained, we’ll deliver your compost bins. You can start using them right away.

Start Service

Step 5 – Start Service

Fill your compost bins with food & paper waste. We empty them each week. Pick ups are available up to 5 days/week.