Zero Waste by 2040

Austin, Texas

On Dec. 15, 2011, the Austin City Council unanimously approved adoption of the Austin Resource Recovery Master Plan. A culmination of two years of research, stakeholder engagement and community input, the Master Plan sets the stage for the Department’s programs and services through 2040 and beyond. The aim is to reach the City Council’s goal of Zero Waste by 2040, which means keeping at least 90 percent of discarded materials out of the landfill. The Master Plan outlines aggressive milestones to ensure that goal is achieved on time, if not sooner.

In 2012, the city sought out local partnerships to initiate the Curbside Composting Program as a critical component of meeting the ambitious goals laid out by the Resource Recovery Master Plan. The Curbside Composting Program is continuing to expand to all Austin Resource Recovery curbside customers.

Powered by Austin

Answering the Call

Providing Local Organics Processing and Composting

As a local compost company committed to delivering better products and better service to the City of Austin, Organics By Gosh answered the city’s call and was awarded the opportunity to assist the city with its efforts to achieve its goal of diverting compostable materials from landfills. We are motivated by environmental stewardship and a love for the city we call home. We have worked closely with the Austin Resource Recovery staff to master the processes, procedures and technologies necessary to provide organics processing and composting to the City of Austin.

Organics By Gosh continues its original commitment made in 2012 to our hometown, a commitment to provide high quality organics processing and composting. We support Austin’s zero waste goals. All the material that is composted makes it to the marketplace as compost and engineered soils. We have developed these market channels over many years so that there is a consistent demand for all our manufactured compost.

Organics By Gosh helped pioneer organics recycling in Austin, and we look forward to continuing to support the city in its efforts to expand its resource recovery programs in pursuit of zero waste.

Organics from the City of Austin are beneficially recovered and incorporated into our natural compost and soil products. In a sense, we are Powered By Austin.