We want to make sure everyone has all the information they need, so we’re spotlighting our most loved products.  Read on to learn all about the composition, benefits, and answers to the most frequently asked questions.



First up, the compost with the most: Triple Power Compost.

Why is it called Triple  Power?


Triple Power Compost

The Triple Power Pyramid

Our triple power is composed of top-notch ingredients that are great for plants and the environment.  We use local food resources collected from the city, our very own forest floor compost (made from leaves, stems, & buds,) and just enough manure.  These three components are slow cooked through four seasons to create the best version of our compost.  This longer process mimics what would happen naturally and ensures the most nutrient rich and stable compost.




What are the benefits of Triple Power Compost?







Most importantly (we think): this compost is locally made.  The food resources, leaves, stems, and manure are all from local Austin establishments and citizens, which means less transportation is needed to make this product.  We accept the materials, recycle them into compost at our yard, and then distribute the finished product out into the community.  That banana peel you threw in the organics bin last year could be nourishing your garden right now!



More Benefits


Triple Power Compost



Recommended Application

For Amending Gardens: 

Add about 3in of compost per foot of soil, then till to incorporate.



For Top Dressing a Lawn:

Aerate the soil, then spread a thin layer of compost on top.


Don’t forget to water!

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