Prefer potted plants? Don’t have space for a traditional garden? Have both a garden and potted plants? We’ve got you covered too. Here are the details on our Premium Potting Soil.




What makes this potting soil so premium?



Premium Potting Soil is one of the products made and sold in bulk and bags here at the yard.  It contains our sustainable compost made from the wasted food we receive from locations around the city.  This compost is mixed with coconut coir and perlite to create the perfect soil for potted plants and raised beds.  The powerful combination of these ingredients helps plants grow strong sturdy roots.  Phil has even tested it himself vs. the high-end expensive store brands.  After several weeks the root growth of plants in our Premium Potting Soil was 5x that of the leading store brand!


Strong Roots

Strong roots = strong plants!


What’s in Premium Potting Soil?


Have we mentioned our

products are made from

local materials?

Coconut Coir:

Explained in

this helpful infographic.

Sustainable Compost:

Improves water retention,

provides nutrients to plants,

increases drainage.


Improves water retention

and drainage


Recommended Application



For gardening: This is a ready-to-use soil for pots and raised beds.  Just add your plants or seeds and organic fertilizer, if you choose.


Come visit us and try it yourself!

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