Now let’s take a look at everyone’s favorite garden soil: Flower and Garden Plus.




What is Flower and Garden Plus?

Flower and Garden Plus is one of our soil blends made and sold right here at the yard.  It’s a composted soil, which means humus and native soil are combined and composted for 12 months.  After it’s composted, we mix in our Triple Power Compost, gypsum, mineral sands, and coconut coir for added benefit!

What are the benefits of Flower and Garden Plus?








Just like with Triple Power, we use local products for our Flower and Garden Plus.  We like to stay as native as possible with our materials to support local biology, promote sustainability by reducing the amount of transportation needed, and help out the restaurants and citizens of our great city by accepting their wasted food!





More Benefits

Flower and Garden Plus is a well-balanced, composted soil.  The 12 month composting process kills bad pathogens and promotes life.


Let’s take a look at the amendments –


  • Gypsum: Helps loosen the soil and facilitate the availability of nutrients to plants.
  • Mineral sands: Help with drainage and add minerals to the soil.
  • Humus:  This is where the biological miracles happen! Humus is the basis of plant life just like what happens on the forest floor.  It improves water retention in the soil.




What makes it “plus”?

Benefits of Coconut Coir

We also offer regular Flower and Garden without this amendment, but why not treat yourself and your soil?




Recommended Application


For gardening: Use as you would any garden soil, easy peasy.  This soil is ready to use as is or, depending on your plants’ needs, and organic fertilizer may also be added.





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