Organics “By Gosh” Premium Potting Soil


Prime planting season has arrived in Austin! If you plan to start a garden in pots or enclosed beds, you can help your plants thrive into the summer and beyond by using our Premium Potting Soil.

Contrary to what the name suggests, our product contains no soil. Ingredients include sustainable compost (which we make from all-local organic ingredients), perlite and coconut coir, the natural fiber extracted from coconut husks.

Its nutrient-rich composition makes potting soil an excellent growing medium for container plants. But it also has other qualities as well that make it a true garden essential.


Moisture retention


A good potting mix can help retain moisture and nutrients around plant roots. It acts as a kind of reservoir for these life-giving elements, especially within enclosed environments like pots, enclosed beds or other containers.


Natural aeration


Whether they grow in outdoor gardens or containers, plant roots need air to survive. Our Premium Potting Soil, contains perlite and coir. Their function is to lighten the potting mix, providing the airspace that prevents root rot.


Root anchorage


A good soil mix will typically settle around the roots of the plant. This is especially important for seedlings, which have small, shallow root systems. A soil mix helps hold a plant in place so that it can better withstand wind and heavy rain.


Growth enhancer


Unlike regular soil, potting soil is lightweight. This lightness allows for both water and air to always be present beneath the soil surface. This creates a healthy, balanced atmosphere that allows plant roots to thrive.


For best results, potting soils should be used in tandem with an organic fertilizer. This will ensure that your plants are receiving the nutrients they need to thrive.


We’ve built our company on an uncompromising, earth friendly philosophy. And for us, that means using local, all-natural and sustainable ingredients in all of our products, all the time – “by Gosh!”