You’ve made the most of early spring cleaning up your garden beds and waking up your lawn. Now, with summer just around the corner, it’s a great time to also consider mulching.

Mulch is a versatile product that not only makes excellent top-dressing, but also enhances the beauty of outdoor environments. Because no two landscaping projects are alike, Organics “By Gosh” makes mulching products for all of your needs.

For projects involving trees, shrubs, flowers and vegetable gardens, our two-in-one Sustainable Mulch — which can be used for amending and composting — is an excellent choice.

For those involving landscape enhancement, look no further than our Native Mulch. This shredded hardwood mulch is made from local brush and can be used to both mulch and amend soil.

Whether you mulch gardens or landscapes, benefits include:

• moisture conservation
• weed suppression
• erosion reduction



Garden bed mulching

We recommend that you top dress with no more than 3 inches. If a bed has never been mulched, consider adding a layer of compost or organic fertilizer before putting down new mulch.

Trees and shrub mulching

Place mulch around trees and shrubs to protect against encroachment by other plants. Make sure that the mulch does not touch trunks. Too much mulch can cause trunk rot and/or attract insects that can eventually attack the tree/shrub.

Landscape mulching

Mulching can help nourish and fortify areas of bare soil. If your landscaping includes walkways or stepping stones or is edged by pavement, be sure to apply a thinner layer of mulch the closer you get to these features.

Organics “By Gosh” takes environmental stewardship seriously. Using the forest floor model as our guide, we use buds, shoots, leaves and stems to produce dense, nutrient-rich mulches that insulate as they nourish. Our goal? To create earth-friendly products that leaves the earth a little better than we found it, “by gosh!”