With the United States choosing to withdraw from The Paris Agreement, we keep hearing the same question: “well, what can I do now?”  We love this proactive spirit so we want to help with ideas!


We can all make small changes that can contribute to lasting environmental progress, starting in our own backyards.  Conscious gardening and lawn care choices positively impact the local environment.  And if everyone commits to making helpful changes, these projects can compound into real global improvements and restore Earth’s health.

Green earth

How to make a climate friendly backyard/garden:



Of course, our first and favorite tip: compost!  We are talking about both the action and material, folks.  The act of reusing your grass  clippings, tree trimmings, and even wasted food from your kitchen can make a huge difference. Composting allows these organics to decompose in a controlled environment with plenty of access to oxygen, saving resources from a packed landfill void of aeration or movement. This prevents such wasted materials from producing large amounts of methane, which can cause serious atmospheric issues. By composting, we are all avoiding these potential consequences and creating valuable new materials from the old.  Win/win!

Compost & compost


The finished product of compost improves soil health while increasing the earth’s natural ability to store carbon, which is another plus for climate health.  Compost also acts as a natural organic fertilizer. Therefore it presents an environmentally conscious alternative to synthetic fertilizers that can pollute the air, soil, and water.



More Tips

Climate Conscious Backyard Tips

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