How long does it take to make our compost?

6 months – 2 years! We use a static process, turning our piles only a few times. This “slow cook” method promotes nutrients and a healthy biology.

Do you provide residential pick up for organics?

We only service commercial and multi-family properties with organics recycling collection. However, the City of Austin is conducting a pilot program for residential organics curbside service- there are 14,000 homes in Austin with a green compost bin! The City of Austin brings that material to our facility at Organics “By Gosh”. Their goal is to expand to all Austin residence by 2020, so be on the lookout for your new green bin!

What can I use for my grass where there are brown patches?

You can spread Dillo Dirt over those patches and be sure to keep your grass well watered.

Does Organics “By Gosh” take brush material and, if so, how much does it cost for me to dump there?

Organics “By Gosh” accepts all organic brush material for drop off. Drop off fees as follows:


All Brush Dumps for Pick Ups, Trailers, and Pull Off’s are $48.00. This rate applies to all brush materials: logs, branches, leaves, and grass.

Mixed loads are charged the higher rate.

Contaminated Loads will be rejected and charged a $150.00 per load reloading fee. Materials considered to be contamination include: creosote, CCA treated wood, painted wood, glass, metal, plastic, concrete, asphalt, roofing shingles, brick, etc. Violators will be prosecuted.

Come by Organics “By Gosh” during our operating hours, check in at our retail office, and we’ll direct you on where to unload. Please note we will not accept any stumps or trash.

Are your products available to both individuals and businesses?

We sell our products to both individuals and businesses. You can purchase them at our site, your local nurseries and home improvement stores, or request delivery. We sell both individual bags and bulk.  Check out our Product page for pricing, fill out an inquiry form, or give us a call at 512-276-1211. We’ll discuss your needs and how we can meet them!

What is the best soil for planting?

That depends on what you’re planting…

Want to grow beautiful flowers, herbs, and plants in pots? Use our 5 in 1 Potting Mix.

Want to plant flowers and veggies in garden beds? Use our Flower and Garden Mix and our Triple Power Compost on top. Use 1 part compost to 3 parts soil.

Planting shrubs or trees? Use 1 part Texas Friendly Compost to 3 parts existing soil or, if there is no existing soil, use our Flower and Garden Mix.

We also have products for playgrounds, rockscapes, patios, fountains, pools, walkways, and more! Call us at 512-276-2111 for more info!


Do you take styrofoam?

No, we do not accept anything made from styrofoam. Styrofoam food containers, styrofoam cups, ice chests, packing pieces, etc. contain toxic materials and do not easily break down.

Do you deliver to residences?

Yes, we sure do! Planting flowers in a bed? Working on a vegetable garden? Doing a major project such as landscaping around a pool? We have the soils, compost, mulch, and rock products for you. Check out our product list to determine what you need and how much, then give submit an order online or by calling 512-276-1211. Delivery charges are based on location. We deliver throughout the Austin Metropolitan area.

I want to cut my water bill by replacing my grass with a rock ground cover. What do you recommend for this?

Great idea!

It’s tough to keep grass lawns looking good in the hot Texas summers. We have several selections of stone products that can create an attractive landscape around your home. Choose the look you like from products such as Oyster White stone, Decomposed Granite, River Rock, etc.

When creating a permanent ground cover, we recommend placing a layer of newspaper or cardboard down first to prevent weed growth. Lay the stone on top of that, and you’re good to go!


What do you recommend for constructing pathways?

We have a variety of stone products in different sizes, shapes, and colors to choose from. Decomposed Granite is an excellent product for making pathways. After clearing the area, lay down a thin  layer of newspaper/cardboard as a weed barrier then distribute the your product on top of that.

How do I apply mulch in my landscapes?

  1. Use our Sustainable Mulch to spread a 3″ layer across the areas you wish to protect/nourish.
  2. Remove visible weeds before laying down mulch to help the mulch lay flat and slow down weed growth. You can also put down a protective weed barrier such as newspaper, cardboard, or landscaping fabric. Keep in mind the amount of water you want to soak through.
  3. Be sure not to cover the base of your trees; that area is like the “skin” of the tree, and you don’t want to smother it! Carve out an area of 4-6″ around the trunk and leave it open. This ensures the plant can breathe and will help prevent moisture-depletion or waterlogging problems.

What is Triple Power?

Triple Power is our specially-blended compost. It’s the highest quality compost in the land! Blended with manure, Texas hardwoods, and organic matter it is rich in iron and sulfur with a pH of 6, perfect for Central Texas. Triple Power Compost is great for increasing the vibrancy and health of flower and vegetable beds. When using on lawns it is best if blended with existing soil or with our Turf Mix/Top dressing.