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The Great Thing About Triple Power Compost

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Triple Power Sustainable Compost:

Putting the Power of Nature to Work for You!

Our Triple Power Compost

Thinking about making more additions to your garden? You’re in luck. Fall is the best time for planting in Austin. And there’s no better foundation you can give your trees, roses, vegetable gardens, flower beds and shrubs than soil enhanced with our Triple Power Sustainable Compost.


The ingredients that go into the Triple Power Sustainable Compost are locally sourced. We use Austin yard trimmings and more than 20 varieties of wasted fruits and vegetables collected from Austin grocery stores. The end result is a 100% organic product with all-native biology.   With it, you can significantly improve the soil in gardens, landscapes and topdressing turf.


The rich forest floor is our model!

And that’s not all. To make our Triple Power Sustainable Compost, we use the static pile composting method. This is based in the four-season forest floor model. As leaves, twigs and other organic material collect on the ground, they slowly break down. This in turn creates an ever-renewing layer of nutrients that continually nourishes forest trees and plants.


We “slow-cook” our material in a similar way, turning it over several times over a period that can span up to 12 months. Just as would happen in a forest, this process creates a nutrient-dense material alive with the microorganisms that help the soil retain moisture and fertility.


What makes our compost unique is that it’s produced with the environment in mind. Most wasted food typically go into landfills, where it decomposes more slowly and gives off the methane gas that pollutes the atmosphere. It also gets mixed with non-organic chemicals and creates toxic substances that pollute soil and water.


Our static pile process, means our compost cooks for 6-12 months.


Not all composts are created equal. Our locally made product is zero-waste, designed with environment and earth in mind. For healthier, more sustainable landscapes, try Triple Power Sustainable Compost. It’s the future of gardening reimagined — naturally, “By Gosh”!



Written By: M. M. Adjarian Blog

No Waste Sign

Contamination Explanation

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Let’s talk trash.  No, not smack talk.  Literal trash.


A common obstacle we face every day is the contamination unloaded at our yard alongside valuable wasted food resources.  This is not only a nuisance and a hindrance to the composting process; it can also be a costly problem.
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How to: Create a Climate-Conscious Backyard

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With the United States choosing to withdraw from The Paris Agreement, we keep hearing the same question: “well, what can I do now?”  We love this proactive spirit so we want to help with ideas!


We can all make small changes that can contribute to lasting environmental progress, starting in our own backyards.  Conscious gardening and lawn care choices positively impact the local environment.  And if everyone commits to making helpful changes, these projects can compound into real global improvements and restore Earth’s health.

Green earth
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Product Spotlight: Flower and Garden Plus

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Now let’s take a look at everyone’s favorite garden soil: Flower and Garden Plus.




What is Flower and Garden Plus?

Flower and Garden Plus is one of our soil blends made and sold right here at the yard.  It’s a composted soil, which means humus and native soil are combined and composted for 12 months.  After it’s composted, we mix in our Triple Power Compost, gypsum, mineral sands, and coconut coir for added benefit!
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2017 Zero Waste Resolution Challenge

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Happy New Year! You know what that means…resolution time! Hopefully we’re all thinking of making achievable, positive changes to our lives that won’t be immediately abandoned or forgotten.  The resolution theme this year seems to be “clean living.” Eating whole foods, exercising, and being eco-conscious are the “it” resolutions for 2017 according to targeted ads and friends’ social media posts. We have a slightly different (but still related!) proposition.
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Bioplastics, Compostable plastic, and ASTM D6400 explained

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We’ve previously discussed contamination and how it can be a challenge for organics recycling.  Glass and metal are the most destructive forms but plastics threaten compost piles as well.  Contamination is caused by confusion and lack of convenience in the composting process, so we also know what solutions need to be discovered.  Luckily new compost-friendly products are being crafted all the time! Introducing…bioplastics.



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Benefits of Curbside Organics Recycling

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We’re conscious neighbors.  We throw our soda cans and bottles in the recycling bin.  We take our bins to the curb on the right days. We smile and wave at the hardworking collectors out on their routes. Now suddenly, there’s a new green bin in the yard.  This totally throws off our garbage groove.


But it doesn’t have to.


Within the past few years Austin has been implementing their curbside organics collection pilot in select neighborhoods. Like with most major citywide projects, some education and adjustment is necessary, and it’s important to focus on the positives that come out of these plans. Change brings about new opportunities and incentives, even with the scary and sometimes frustrating transitional phase.  The city’s goal is “to reduce the amount of trash sent to landfills by 90 percent by the year 2040.” Since Austin is a trendy, progressive, eco-conscious place, this goal should definitely be in everyone’s best interest.  So let’s take a look at what makes curbside organics recycling a major plus for our city.

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