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Why Compost Top Dressing Makes Sense for Austin

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Austin has it all— except ideal soil for lawns.

The solution? Top dressing turf with compost. Whether done for new or established lawns, this method can help grass thrive in six key ways during the mild days of spring.


Adds soil nutrients


Compost– such as our Triple Power Compost – is rich in macro- and micronutrients that get released slowly as the organic matter present in the soil mix decays. Because compost nutrients are not highly soluble, they stay in the soil during rainstorms.


Improves organic matter levels


Top dressing with compost helps soil by adding life-giving organic matter, regardless of whether it’s applied before or after grass planting. This is important in areas where removing turf could lead to erosion.


Enhances soil structure


Adding compost topdressing to soil with significant clay content reduces surface crusting as well as compaction issues, which leads to better drainage.

Retains water


Compost top dressing increases the ability of soil to hold water and reduces your water will. It helps fill the aquifer by allowing for greater infiltration of water into soil, even if it has not been aerated. This results in fewer problems with runoff, as might occur after a spring rain event.


Increases microbial activity


Because they play a crucial role in inhibiting plant pathogens and suppressing turf diseases, the microorganisms in compost help lawns thrive. Over time, repeated compost topdressing applications can reduce — or even eliminate — the need for chemical pesticides.


Reduces weed growth

Compost top dressing benefits grass health. And healthier, denser grass has a far better ability to win out over weed invasions, which means less maintenance work for you


Austin is a special place with unique environmental needs. At Organics “By Gosh”, we believe in natural, all-local zero-waste solutions – like compost top dressing – to enhance the Central Texas landscape. And that’s an earth-friendly investment worth the effort, “by gosh!”



The Great Thing About Triple Power Compost

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Triple Power Sustainable Compost:

Putting the Power of Nature to Work for You!

Our Triple Power Compost

Thinking about making more additions to your garden? You’re in luck. Fall is the best time for planting in Austin. And there’s no better foundation you can give your trees, roses, vegetable gardens, flower beds and shrubs than soil enhanced with our Triple Power Sustainable Compost.


The ingredients that go into the Triple Power Sustainable Compost are locally sourced. We use Austin yard trimmings and more than 20 varieties of wasted fruits and vegetables collected from Austin grocery stores. The end result is a 100% organic product with all-native biology.   With it, you can significantly improve the soil in gardens, landscapes and topdressing turf.


The rich forest floor is our model!

And that’s not all. To make our Triple Power Sustainable Compost, we use the static pile composting method. This is based in the four-season forest floor model. As leaves, twigs and other organic material collect on the ground, they slowly break down. This in turn creates an ever-renewing layer of nutrients that continually nourishes forest trees and plants.


We “slow-cook” our material in a similar way, turning it over several times over a period that can span up to 12 months. Just as would happen in a forest, this process creates a nutrient-dense material alive with the microorganisms that help the soil retain moisture and fertility.


What makes our compost unique is that it’s produced with the environment in mind. Most wasted food typically go into landfills, where it decomposes more slowly and gives off the methane gas that pollutes the atmosphere. It also gets mixed with non-organic chemicals and creates toxic substances that pollute soil and water.


Our static pile process, means our compost cooks for 6-12 months.


Not all composts are created equal. Our locally made product is zero-waste, designed with environment and earth in mind. For healthier, more sustainable landscapes, try Triple Power Sustainable Compost. It’s the future of gardening reimagined — naturally, “By Gosh”!



Written By: M. M. Adjarian Blog

Christmas Tree Recycling

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Don’t know where to recycle your Christmas Tree? Organics “By Gosh” will take your individual Christmas Tree for free at our site! Have more than one tree? $10 for a pick up truck, $15 for a trailer load. Remember to remove any decor/ornaments beforehand. Happy Holidays!


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